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Snow Removal Services

Snow Removal - Tj's Lawn ServiceWhile Lawn Service is the backbone of TJ’s Lawn Service & Snow Removal, in the winter, snow plowing becomes our number one priority. We pride ourselves on being local, reliable, and reasonable. Our season long agreement guarantees our customers that whenever it snows, no matter what time or for how long, we will be there working until the job is done.

Imagine the ease you will feel, knowing that for any snowstorm between November 1st and April 30th, your property will be cleared. TJ’s Lawn Service & Snow Removal has a wealth of knowledge, fast response times, and the willingness to exceed expectations each and every time it snows.

In addition to shoveling, our crew can also apply chemicals to those slippery surfaces a storm can create. While sand does provide traction, it only serves as a cover up for a very dangerous problem. TJ’s Lawn Service & Snow Removal offers Rock Salt applications per request of the homeowner or business owner.

Melting the ice is a more permanent solution and helps to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Snow Removal Tj’s Show Remoal services utilizes the best snow removal equipment from highway-sized plow trucks, salt trucks, various sized front end loaders, snow pushers, various sized dump trucks, and other job specific snow removal equipment. Tj’s Show Removal specialized services include snow shoveling, snow blowing, calcium chloride spreading for sidewalks, walkways, and other pedestrian traffic areas.