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Sharp Blades Happy Lawn

Grand Haven Lawn Care and Lawn ServciesYou might not think about it that much but did you know that your lawn requires a lot of attention even after your first cut of the season. Having sharp mower blades is very important and there are many reasons why. Having your blades sharpened will allow your grass to grow greener and faster, using dull blades can cause issues with your lawn making it look burned and the grass will look unhealthy.

Tj’s Lawn Service is Grand Haven’s Lawn Care Specialist with many years of happy customers. If you are going out of town and want your lawn taken care of Give Tj’s Lawn Service a call, and they will make sure your lawn is cut and looking great.

Don’t forget that if you sign up for a season package Tj’s Lawn Service will buy you ad Applebee’s in Grand Haven. Our season pack is one of the best values. Call today and ask for our rates and find out why Tj’s Lawn Service is known as the Son of Grand Haven’s Lawn Care Specialist.